Bag some cash



A GIFT from us to you

Every time a player plays online poker at UMA, they contribute some fraction of money towards rake. Rake Generated @ Rs10 = 1 UMA Points. So players always know how much online poker rake they have paid. UMA POINTS are used to unlock Locked Bonuses or to meet withdrawal criteria's for our various online poker bonus codes.  


For an instance,

1. All players receive 300% bonus on their first deposit. This bonus is unlocked in batches of 100 UMA POINTS. Each batch is worth Rs 200. Hence, for every Rs 1000 paid as rake players unlock Rs 200 @ rate of 20% . To Unlock points, look for the UNLOCK Button in the lobby of any of our online poker apps. Unlimited Unlocks are allowed daily, for no withdrawal criteria.


2. Another way UMA POINTS can be used is for redemption of instant bonuses and tournament tickets to play online poker on UMA. Check our latest deposit codes by clicking here. The request for the first withdrawal for that player can only be applied, once they have collected 200 UMA POINTS.


Hence, once the player has generated Rs2000 in online poker rake, he shall be able to make withdrawals on his deposit. Based on above mentioned breakdown for points.


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