Sweep Stakes: Freedom from hefty Buy-ins!


Enjoy your Freedom from hefty Buy-ins! Play 1 lac GTD Sweepstakes for Buy-in @ 1100 7pm daily at UMAPOKER.COM.

SweepStakes Hero.png

It is time to feel the thrill and celebrate the Independence month with an exciting online challenge at UmaPoker.com. India’s fastest growing poker website, UMAPOKER is offering you a unique opportunity to win big at just a nominal buy-in of iNR 1100. Sweepstakes tournament runs at 7pm daily with a GTD of INR 10 Lac. Sweep Stakes is a No Limit Texas holdem tournament with crazy action. This daily tournament is destined to become the most exciting poker tournament this Independence month.

The Indian online poker landscape is evolving and so are we. Poker players are looking for maximum value for their money, thus here come Sweep Stakes providing 100x return of the buy-in. Here is some icing on the cake: Sweep Stakes is a small field tournament allowing players to win big in very short amount of time.

Sweep Stakes offers the best combination of small fields and big prizes with a guarantee of 100x the buy-in for upcoming poker players. Come and play on the fastest growing poker platform in India. So, get moving people, bring out the freedom spirit and showcase your skills at the tables and win big in this August special tourney on UmaPoker.com. Let’s celebrate this Independence month by showcasing our fighting spirit and winning big with a pool of money!

See you at the tables!

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