Stu Ungar Classic SHR Winner Bags over 5Lakhs


On Nov 8th, Uma Poker rolled out its second exciting tournament series, Primetime. The series started right after Diwali because we wanted to become part of someone’s festive happiness. Primetime series started on nov 8th and finished on Nov 12th. Hence, this fun tournament series lasted for 5 days.

There were many winners in the series, but the biggest winner was from the Super high roller event: Vikas Khaitan (a.k.a gomzi77). He bagged over 5 Lakhs in just 5 hours. Small field tournaments and quick play are two features offered by UMA Poker and most liked by all our players.


Poker is strategic, poker is fast and poker is fun. We added all these three flavors to compose Primetime series, offering speed, excitement and unbeatable challenges. Many new players became part of Uma Poker family and many existing players participated in this series.

Vikas demonstrated strong and aggressive play style by playing not only the cards he was dealt but also his opponents. He displayed perseverance and determination. He started 8/10 at the final table playing against some of the best in India. Ended up taking it home! He's quoted “I was down and out many times in this tournament, but came right back with my aggressive playing style and a little bit of luck. Last hand was pretty sick, my opponent barreled 3 streaks, with the river bet being around 4x pot. i had bottom pair. i just snapped, and it was the one time he was bluffing on the entire final table. Somehow i just knew"

Similar to Vikas, Uma Poker wants to uncover hidden poker gems in India and make them world recognized Poker Players. Uma Poker is dedicated to success of Poker in India.

Whether you are a poker professional, who is working to make his name in the poker community or you are a recreational poker player, who plays poker for fun, we have a game specific for you. Uma Poker ensures to serve players with different skills and provide a safe gaming experience. During the series our customer support was working around the clock to help our players play these fun tournaments in most optimal manner.

If you are a poker enthusiast and understand making money takes skill, then you will for sure enjoy daily tournaments happening at Uma Poker. There are bunch of high ROI tournaments. One of my favorite is SweepStakes. With just 1.1k buy grab your chance to win from the prize pool of 1L. See you around the table!

This blog is dedicated to all players who enjoyed playing prime time series from Nov 8th to Nov 12th and became part of an experience that we promise to grow. 

Kudos Vikas a.k.a Gomzi!!!!! Keep playing to win real money in online poker. To learn how to improve your poker game visit Uma Poker blogs

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