Luck Favors Those Who Believe



Vinay Chaudhary is one of the lucky peeps who made a double luck hit. First, he won a free ticket to UMA Poker Holiday Hangover online poker tournament and next he made it to the final table, cashing 2.1L. This 2.1L winning shall definitely leave Vinay and many other players in Holiday Hangover this holiday season. You must be wondering where did Vinay win his FREE ticket to UMA Poker’s Holiday Hangover tournament. He won the ticket worth 7,700 INR of buy-in as a part of a contest held on IPPA facebook group.

What you need to do to win big like Vinay? Participate in our contest / quizzes on partner groups such as IPPA and play poker. For most of major tournaments UMA Poker has such contest on partner sites and groups. Keep your eyes and ear open for our contests on upcoming tournaments. Ultimately your win is dependent on how well you play and also some LUCK. Your luck can help you climb the ladder of success with minimal efforts. Hence, next time when your feeling lucky, It’s time to find best place where can you leverage your luck the most. Train Your inner voice to send you to UMA Poker directly. Like Vinay, we have many other players who joined UMA Poker with minimal to very small stack and now they are sitting on a big pile of money.

Remember the saying, to see the reaping benefits of your luck, you have to first believe in it. Merely sitting in front of yours computer or holding phone in your hand for hours might not generate money on its own. You have to become associated to a money maker machine: UMA Poker.

UMA Poker provides smooth User Interface (UI) and 100% secure online poker play in India. In 2017 alone the company has 5x in size and 10x in technology. UMA Poker is built on a sophisticated tech, providing glitch free play experience. UMA Poker has a long list of high GTD tournaments happening on regular basis. Click here to stay on top of our latest tournaments.

UMA Poker also provides seasonal promotions and deposit codes to increase our players’ excitement. We are very happy and proud of Vinay’s success at UMA Poker. Hope his story inspires you to believe in your luck too. Come play online poker anytime anywhere at UMA Poker: fastness growing poker site in India!

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