Launchpad 2.0; happened again!


On Oct 2nd 2018, Uma Poker’s successfully finished #Launchpad2.0. Starting from 7pm, this online poker tournament had late registration till 9pm. Though several players touched #1 position of the leaderboard, but Lucidlab a.k.a Akshay NR was the final winner. In only 3 hours Akshay bagged 2.1L, with the buy-in of just 2.2k. This makes up of two biggest selling point of Launchpad tournament: Quick Game, 100X ROI. 

In this era of time driven society, we all are in hurry. Hurry to go to a place. Hurry to come back from that place. Hurry to do this and finish that. We have so little time and so much to do. On top if you consider high level of expectations from life, then life becomes even more chaotic. Clear the clutter with Launchpad and many other online poker tournaments happening at Uma Poker. First, you will play in a guaranteed prize pool tournaments. Second, you can do it fast. Save your time and value your money by becoming a part of Uma Poker.

If you are a poker enthusiast and understand making money takes skill, then you will for sure enjoy daily tournaments happening at Uma Poker. There are bunch of high ROI tournaments. One of my favorite is SweepStakes. With just 1.1k buy grab your chance to win from the prize pool of 1L. See you around the table!

This blog is dedicated to all players who enjoyed playing online poker tournament on Oct 2nd and became part of an experience that we promise to grow. 

Kudos Akshay NR!!!!! Keep playing to win real money in online poker. To learn how to improve your poker game visit Uma Poker blogs

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Prashray Rai