Lucky Hearts Vegas Package

Terms & Conditions

The players will be eligible for return flights, stay in Las Vegas, Visa fee and respective cash rewards in Poker Money

  • Some winner might have to adhere to media obligations from our partners and wear UMA sponsored merchandise provided to them while playing the event in WSOP Vegas

  • The winner consents to provide his image, interview etc., to be used as promotional content by UMA

  • The players might be required to share a winning post from their social media account/handle to various social media social groups tagging UMA poker

  • UMA reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, and/or prizes of the promotion any time. In case there is a dispute, the decision taken by UMA will be final

  • All packages in this promotion are non-transferrable

  • Players opting to choose Instant Bonus money credited to their account over the Vegas Packages  will only be credited 75k instead of the vegas package guaranntee for 150k

  • Acquiring the US Visa is a complete responsibility of player & fees shall be borne by UMA poker and will be credited in poker money. Winners will have to give proof of a valid visa application, UMA will not assist the winners in getting the visa or with any visa related fees /queries. Upon failure to acquire visa, player might opt to take their packages in Instant Bonus.

  • All necessary documents have to be submitted by the winner at least one month prior to the travel date

  • Any kind of collusion/fraudulent activity will not be allowed. If any player(s) is found out to be involved in these activities strict action will be taken by our compliance team. Multiple IDs are not allowed and will be blocked