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Free Texas Holdem Poker Games

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Texas Holdem Rules

Learning Texas Holdem might appear tougher than it really is. Texas Holdem is actually a very logical game. Understanding Texas Holdem rules might require just a couple of hours. However, mastering Texas Holdem will take a little bit longer.

Before reviewing full rules of Texas Holdem, here is a quick glossary of poker terms that you should know.

  • All-in: when a player puts all of his chips in the pot

  • Ante: tournaments usually require ante at later stage of the game. Ante is a small amount of mandatory payment that each player make towards the pot for all hands played.

  • Blinds: all poker games have two blinds small blind and big blind. Blinds are forced bets made before the cards are dealt. Inn Texas Holdem, blinds take the place of ante.

  • Check: is an act of agreeing to not bet to see the next round of card.

  • Pre-flop: action on table before any community card is opened on the table. There is usually a round of bet that happens pre-flop. All players that participate in pre-flop round get the chance to see flop.

  • Flop: first three community cards that are opened on the table.

  • Turn: fourth community card that is opened on the table.

  • River: fifth community card that is opened on the table.

  • Pot: amount of money on table for a particular hand.

  • Showdown: when all players reveal their hands to find who won the pot.

How to play Texas holdem Poker?

Texas Holdem poker game involves five community cards. Each player is dealt two cards inn Texas holds poker. The table can have any where from two to ten players. There is one big blind and one small blind on the table. These players put money in the pot (i.e. on the table) even before seeing their cards. The dealer button is right next to big blind. After all players have two cards, dealer button acts first. The minimum bet that the player with dealer button can play is call the big blind. After each hand dealer button moves to the next player.

Before even sitting on a Texas Holdem Poker table you need playing chip. In poker cash game, chip value is same as real money. In poker tournaments, chip value is just a denomination and player make money only by surviving to top paid positions. Hence, the advantage of Texas holdem poker cash game is that you can sit and get up from a table whenever you wish. Texas Holdem Poker betting rules are simple. A round of Texas Holdem Poker involves minimum one round of betting (i.e. pre flop) and maximum four rounds of betting (i.e. pre-flop, after flop, after turn and after river). A hand finishes when all players but one have folded or the fourth round of betting has happened and its a time for showdown. At the time of showdown the player who has made best five card combination wins.

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Next Step from Free Poker Games

Once you start winning in free poker games, your next destination should be low stake cash games. Play with online poker players who mostly playing recreationally. Hence, these poker players really more on luck than on skill. But in these low stake online poker cash game, you will also encounter some grinders. Grinders are poker players who have liberty of time. Poker grinders play for several hours and play flawless game. They are literally playing to make money. Sucking money out of grinders is almost impossible. Hence, after free poker games, you should aim to win over these grinders. Remember, free poker games should be your first step, where you build your poker skills. Cash game is your second step, where you build the needed level of patience and discipline. Next comes high guaranteed tournaments.

No Limit Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem comes in various shapes and form. Most played and competitive form of Texas Holdem is No Limit Texas Hold’em. The stakes are usually high in No Limit Texas Holdem. UMA Poker has 2 players, 6 players, 8 players and 9 players Texas Holdem cash game tables. You can play heads up or with a group of players from anywhere in the nation at anytime. You are just a click away from a non stop fun of Poker and test your brain in this game of skill.

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