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poker game offline or poker game online?

India has strong laws around gambling. However, it allows games of skills. Poker Games Offline are illegal in India. However, Online Poker Games are completely legal in India’s land. There are some pros and cons to both Poker Game Offline and Poker Game Online. To play poker game offline, you have to know a place where such poker game offline is going-on. As offline poker is illegal in India’s land, so apart from ships holding physical poker game offline, some physical poker games offline are held under ground. Information of such underground poker game offline is known only to few. Hence, locating such poker game offline can be challenging.

Luckily in past couple of years, playing online poker games has become easier in India. Online poker gaming apps can easily be found by a simple online search. is India’s fastest growing website, hosting cash games, daily free rolls, weekly specials and online poker tournament series. When it comes to online poker games, is the house of fun and authenticity. Zero tournaments cancelation, 24x7 support, user friendly interface and glitch free technology create continuous play appeal for existing and new poker players. is a new player heaven. Not only players have several ways to earn free money, but also they earn UMA Points every time they play on

The game of poker is complex, needing great level of skill to become a poker ninja. As many players play poker recreationally, so online poker games have become a perfect solution by allowing players to play anytime, anywhere from any device. Poker games offline require a player to go to a physical location to participate in a poker game, which can be problematic some days. Additionally, poker game offline has call out time, which means that you have to give at least an hour of heads up before leaving from a poker table. Poker game offline has an advantage of playing with opponents, who you can see and read their playing style. Observation of opponents is much easier in the poker game offline. Contrarily, online poker games have some limitation when it comes to analyzing poker tells. Flip side to analyze poker tell while playing online poker provides an advantage to new poker players, allowing them to mask their style of play. In poker game offline novice players are bare naked in front of poker ninjas. Poker ninjas can analyze playing style of new players so quickly that it is almost impossible for new poker players to survive more than few hours in poker game offline. Online poker games provide a blanket of protection to new poker players.

Do you want to know Which Poker game is for you?

Poker games come in various flavors. Poker Game Online, Poker Game Offline. Heads Up, Multi Players. Texas Holdem, Omaha, Mixed Games. Ring Games, Tournaments. Low Stake, High Stake. Paid Poker, Free Poker. Poker players play poker games for various reasons. Some play to earn money, some play to strategies, some play to socialize and some play for mere the thrill. Poker is an engaging game of skill. Poker game offline requires slightly different skills than online poker games.

Texas Holdem comes in various shapes and form. Most played and competitive form of Texas Holdem is No Limit Texas Hold’em. The stakes are usually high in No Limit Texas Holdem. UMA Poker has 2 players, 6 players, 8 players and 9 players Texas Holdem cash game tables. You can play heads up or with a group of players from anywhere in the nation at anytime. You are just a click away from a non stop fun of Poker and test your brain in this game of skill.

Do you Prefer Poker Game Offline or online?

First criteria to consider is time. If you have time to spare for driving to the location, call out time and play time, then you may consider poker game offline. If you prefer to play in and out with no limitation of time, then definitely online poker games should be your choice. Next criteria to consider is money. If you have limited money to play with, then perhaps you should consider online poker games. Unlike, poker game offline providing either low stake or high stake poker games, online poker games provide a varied range of poker games. Online poker games is a stop shop where you can find low stake and high stake games running simultaneously. Another criteria to consider is mobility. If you have friends far away in the nation with whom you want to play but playing together at the same physical location is difficult, then online poker provides you the solution. You can play online poker games with friends throughout the nation. Final point to consider is legality. Do you want to play legal poker games or illegal poker games? If you want to play poker legally, then online poker wins again.

Furthermore, online poker games allow you to play on multiple tables at the same time, allowing you to leverage your time effectively and to achieve the speed you always wanted. Only advantage of offline poker that supersede offline poker for poker ninjas is the ability to see opponents. Online poker games are harder, because players can’t see each other. And picking up on poker tells is even harder in online poker games compare to offline poker games. On one hand online poker games makes it difficult for poker ninjas to understand their opponents, pushing their skill level to improve further. On the other hand online poker games make it easier for new poker players to hide their poker tells that they would have given out in offline poker games. Hence, online poker games provide a protective blanket for new players.

New players need to spend more hours in the game to become poker ninjas. Play time coupled with theoretical learning is a sure shot combination of victory.Visit UMA Poker blogs to learn from basics of pokers to becoming a poker ninja. If you learn from first hand experience, then also UMA Poker is here for you with Free Online Poker Games.

Free Poker Daily Rolls

Join UMA Poker and play daily free rolls to start learning online poker for free. Gain first hand poker experience by playing online poker anytime anywhere. Everyday has several free poker games in the form of daily rolls tournaments. These free rolls finish in couple of hours. If you play well and become top few players in free poker games, then you can also earn some little money. Master the art of of real Texas Holdem by playing this free poker Texas Holdem game at UMA Poker. Witness your poker skills improve as your rank improves with each free poker game.

Next Step from Free Poker Games

Once you start winning in free poker games, your next destination should be low stake cash games. Play with online poker players who mostly playing recreationally. Hence, these poker players really more on luck than on skill. But in these low stake online poker cash game, you will also encounter some grinders. Grinders are poker players who have liberty of time. Poker grinders play for several hours and play flawless game. They are literally playing to make money. Sucking money out of grinders is almost impossible. Hence, after free poker games, you should aim to win over these grinders. Remember, free poker games should be your first step, where you build your poker skills. Cash game is your second step, where you build the needed level of patience and discipline. Next comes high guaranteed tournaments.

Whether, you are interested in playing free poker games, low stake cash games, mid stake cash games or high guaranteed tournaments, UMA Poker is just a click away. Play with your friends or make new friends playing online poker at UMA Poker - fastest growing poker site in India. #NoFlinchPoker


Free Poker Games on UMA Poker use Points based currency: UMA Points. UMA Points go through an annual reset. Hence, players that have not redeemed their Points at the time of reset, will lose the play money value associated to their UMA Points.

With this sneak peek of free poker games, you are all set to start playing free poker games!