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5 Ways to Play and earn Money Online for Free

Do you remember when playing online games on your phone was considered waste of time?

Gone are those days. Now, you can play and earn money online. You do not even have to be much of a gamer. Here is how you can make extra money in your spare time by playing online games.

Some games such as cash games in poker are quick. Hence, you can play and earn money quick. But playing cash games require money investment. However, there are free-roll online poker tournaments, allowing you to win money for free. These tournament structured games allow you to play alone and earn rewards after completing specific objectives and challenges. Here are top five ways to play online games and earn money:

1. UMA Poker Daily Free Rolls

UMA Poker is more than a platform to play poker games online. You can also become a poker ninja by learning about poker from weekly blogs and educational videos.

Poker is a memory games and also a skill game where you need to learn your opponent play style to beat them and win tournaments.

UMA Poker has multiple free-rolls running every day. Whether you like to play and earn money in morning, afternoon or night, UMA Poker might have a free roll running that you can play anywhere, anytime.

With each hand you play at UMA Poker cash game, you get paid in rewards points called as “UMA POINTS.” UMA Poker has a few free games, allowing you to earn UMA Points.

Whether you win or lose, you can always earn a little extra money in the form of UMA Points. You can spend the accumulated UMA Points to play Cash Games, sit and go, weekly tournaments and seasonal tournaments. Your second option is to exchange UMA Points for actual cash. Hurray, easy way to play online game to earn money.

Read our full UMA Points details here.

2. UMA Poker Seasonal Mega Free Rolls

Second way to play and earn money is by participating in UMA Poker’s seasonal mega free rolls. mega free rolls happen on special occasions. We encourage our existing and new players to take full advantage of these tournaments to play and earn money online, while putting zero money from your pocket.

If you believe in multiplying your free earned money, then you can use your winnings to play card games and earn even more money. Remember each hand you play, you will generate UMA Points, which can further be converted in cash.

3. UMA Poker Spin The Wheel

UMA Poker knows how much you love to spin the wheel. Spinning the wheel is another easy way to play and earn money online. You will need an active player account to spin the wheel. Each player gets one free spin every day. UMA Poker wheel has several prizes. You can win cash money, entry ticket to big payout tournaments, UMA Points and so much more. Come to to play and earn money online.

4. Cash Game with Bonus Money

New users get 200 free bonus money when they finish their KYC by providing needed IDs. Furthermore, when you refer a friend and if he joins, then both you and your friend get 200 free bonus.

Yet again UMA Poker provides so many ways to play and earn money online for free. However, before you can play you have to create a unique player profile by using mobile number for OTP verification.

5. Winning Free Tickets to Mega Tournaments

Finally, UMA Poker gives away free tournament tickets on major poker Facebook groups such as IPPA and TPG. Enter in UMA Poker contests to win free tickets to really really high paying tournaments. Only requirements are you have to join one of these poker groups on facebook and create an online player account at


This is the era when you can play online games and earn money. Playing games is fun and when winning money is coupled on top then it you achieve best of both worlds. Whether you like spinning wheel, playing tournaments or cash game, got it all.