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Congratulations, you are a step closer to play with real money to win real money anytime, anywhere. Follow these simple steps:


First, create your personal account. You need a mobile# for OTP verification and internet connection.


Next, access UMA by a) going to web version or b) downloading an Android or Microsoft app.


Welcome to the team!

UMA Poker proudly presents India's fast growing online game rooms built on a perfect underlying technology that provides seamless and glitch free play experience. Varied range of tournaments and cash games are designed for different players with different skills in online card games Play our skill based rummy games to win real money. Whether you are a novice or a pro player, there is a game just for you! Low rake, instant deposit, fast payouts, high player security and 24x7 customer support are key drivers of customer satisfaction. 

Poker is booming in India and so are we. Providing best play experience is on top of our priority. To make our players happy we also offer UMA POINTS, which let player earn money redeemable points. More players play on UMA Poker, more UMA POINTS they earn!


  1. Referral Bonus: If you have a group of people who are poker enthusiasts, then you can refer them to UMA Poker and both you and your friend earn referral money. Ask your friend to simply provide your UMA Poker user id in promo section. 
  2. KYC Bonus: Receive Rs 200 free on the house when a player completes their KYC by uploading front and back of adhar card & PAN card. A player anyways needs KYC complete to withdraw money from their account. So might as well do it early and receive this FREE Bonus!
  3. Deposit Codes: UMA Poker provides long list of deposit code bonuses, which keep on updating regularly. Please click here for latest codes.
  4. Promotions: UMA Poker keeps things exciting for its players, please visit our promotions page to learn more.