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Do you want to learn how to play free poker, especially Texas Holdem?

Lets me share a free way to learn Texas Holdem, so you can stop getting embarrassed in front of your friends. Some people believe in learning from theory and some people learn faster from experience. If you learn from theory, then visit UMA Poker blogs to learn from basics of pokers to becoming a poker ninja. If you learn from first hand experience, then also UMA Poker is here for you with Free Poker Games.

Free Poker Daily Rolls

Join UMA Poker and play daily free rolls to start learning online poker for free. Gain first hand poker experience by playing online poker anytime anywhere. Everyday has several free poker games in the form of daily rolls tournaments. These free rolls finish in couple of hours. If you play well and become top few players in free poker games, then you can also earn some little money. Master the art of of real Texas Holdem by playing this free poker Texas Holdem game at UMA Poker. Witness your poker skills improve as your rank improves with each free poker game.

Seasonal Free Online Poker Tournaments

UMA Poker also has seasonal free online poker tournaments. These tournaments happen in months and are called as seasonal free rolls. Unlike daily free rolls, seasonal free rolls are longer in duration and have higher winning price. Hence, you can play seasonal free online poker tournaments to make considerable size of money. Start playing Free Online Poker Today!

Next Step from Free Poker Games

Once you start winning in free poker games, your next destination should be low stake cash games. Play with online poker players who mostly playing recreationally. Hence, these poker players really more on luck than on skill. But in these low stake online poker cash game, you will also encounter some grinders. Grinders are poker players who have liberty of time. Poker grinders play for several hours and play flawless game. They are literally playing to make money. Sucking money out of grinders is almost impossible. Hence, after free poker games, you should aim to win over these grinders. Remember, free poker games should be your first step, where you build your poker skills. Cash game is your second step, where you build the needed level of patience and discipline. Next comes high guaranteed tournaments.

No Limit Texas Hold’em

Texas Holdem comes in various shapes and form. Most played and competitive form of Texas Holdem is No Limit Texas Hold’em. The stakes are usually high in No Limit Texas Holdem. UMA Poker has 2 players, 6 players, 8 players and 9 players Texas Holdem cash game tables. You can play heads up or with a group of players from anywhere in the nation at anytime. You are just a click away from a non stop fun of Poker and test your brain in this game of skill.

Whether, you are interested in playing free poker games, low stake cash games, mid stake cash games or high guaranteed tournaments, UMA Poker is just a click away. Play with your friends or make new friends playing online poker at UMA Poker - fastest growing poker site in India. #NoFlinchPoker


Free Poker Games on UMA Poker use Points based currency: UMA Points. UMA Points go through an annual reset. Hence, players that have not redeemed their Points at the time of reset, will lose the play money value associated to their UMA Points.

With this sneak peek of free poker games, you are all set to start playing free poker games!