Cash Game


What Are Cash Games?

Cash games are poker ring games that are played with chips equating to real money. Unlike chips that you get in tournament, chips in cash game represent real money. For example, if a player buys in a cash game for Rs 10,000 worth of chips and leaves the table with Rs 40,000 then he has made a profit of Rs 30,000 actual money. offers cash games in the form of Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha and Mix Game variations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cash games require minimum two players on a table, which can accommodate nine players at a time. 

Advantage of online cash game is that unlike tournaments a player does not have to play for a specified amount of time. Players can sit, play and leave whenever they want. One more difference is that at cash games the table limits i.e. min bet for small and big blind are fixed for the entire length of the game. However, in tournaments the table limits keeps on increasing continuously, putting tremendous pressure on short stake players. 

1. How To Play Cash Games?

You can join a cash game table with the minimum chips, maximum chips or specify a different amount in the cash window that pops up on your screen. Click CONFIRM button to start playing cash game.

2. Convenient Play

For your convenience, all cash games at have automatic checkbox options to check/fold, check or call any. Before your turn even arrives you can post your future blind bets. You can also use Sitout button for the events of personal time.

3. Cash Games Betting Options

Depending on which device you are playing from, you will see varied range of betting options. You can fold, call, min bet, 1/2 pot, full pot or max bet. You can also use the slider to bet a specific cash bet.

4. Sometimes A Hand Passes So Fast

You didn't see everything there was to see? For example, who made that crazy raise and you want to see what you missed. It is very important read betting pattern of your opponents in cash game. Click on Previous button to see an instant replay of the hand.

With this sneak peek of cash games, you are all set to start playing cash games!

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