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Welcome to UMA Poker – fastest growing online poker site in India. UMA Poker has continuous cash games, regular high GTD tournaments and daily free rolls. UMA Poker’s platform is made on a sophisticated tech, focusing to provide a user friendly - smooth online poker experience. Pre selected betting options such as min bet, 1/2 pot, pot and all-in, along with betting bar, make it easy for players to play per their styles. 

Play UMA Poker anywhere, anytime, on any device: iOS, windows, android and any web browser. We have two types of tables: public and private. Private tables can be used to host private games by inviting friends to play private games. Follow a simple registration process to enjoy the easiest and fastest online poker in India.

Players in search of continuous online poker action should come directly to UMA Poker, offering NLH, PLO and mixed games. Mixed games involve two rounds of PLO and a round of NLH. Online poker cash games start at as low as 2/4 and goes all the way to 1000/2000. Hence, UMA Poker has games suitable to players with varied spending limits and skill sets. Don’t wait, Download our Online poker app now!

Poker is a magical and strategic game. Players hold better chance at winning this sport when they have a better knowledge about various strategies involved. UMA Poker is dedicated to promoting poker by sharing inside poker strategies via regular Blogs and online poker videos.



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